2011 – Llariegu 100% Directo

Recorded live the 27th of April, 2011 in the theater of La Laboral in Xixón, it is composed of a CD and a DVD with different pieces of music from the show “Llariegu 100% Live”.

In this show, it is remarkable the variety of invited artists and collaborators: Javi Rubio, Jorge Cambareli, Alberto Rionda, David Adeva, Orestes Barbachán, Miguel Herrero, Tino Cuesta, Julio Gómez, Kepa Junquera, Manuel Durán, Santi Caleya, Laura Ruiz, Guada Villanueva, Guéna Lamour, Dark la eMe, René Palacio, Héctor Braga y la Banda Gaites Noega. In “Llariegu 100% Live” a new flavour is given to Asturian music, mixing traditional and modern instruments and using rhythms from other parts of the world. Also, there are a lot of pieces from the European repertoire, with a great selection of music from Brittany.

Llariegu, masterful spectacle to tear down clichés

- Aurelio Argel

CD Llariegu 100% Directo

Habemus Intro (3:12)

Pasucáis de La Viga (5:08)

Capuchinos, Bretona (9:27)

Valse, Round de Loudeac, Triniou (8:39)

Pelayus, Chanueces (4:49)

Xota l’Occidente, Alborada Rendueles, Melchor (5:57)

My compromise, Muñeira Casu (5:48)

Eztia, Chao, Gavotte (5:37)

Preludio y Fuga (3:51)

Set-enteru (8:40)

Peruyes (2:51)

Muñeira nel Centru, Breizh-An Dro (8:17)

DVD Llariegu 100% Directo

Habemus Intro (3:39)

Tribute to La Viga (5:12)

Kárac-Hulò set (18:11)

Merón (9:06)

L’Entamu (16:26)

The four elements (5:20)

Xota and Mudao (4:35)

Ways of the world (5:44)

Percussion set (3:37)

Marching set (6:35)

Prelude and fugue (3:48)

Set-enteru (8:31)

Party … and whithin on year from today (14:50)

AMAS Award for Best Live Show by “Llariegu 100% Directo”
AMAS Award for Best Folk album by “Llariegu 100% Directo”